This article is about cannons from Cheese Dreams series. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

CannonCannon - Cheese Dreams demo
A normal cannon in Cheese Dreams (left) and Cheese Dreams New Moon (right)
Ability Shoots the moon
Game(s) Cheese Dreams series

Cannons are an interactive object in the Cheese Dreams series, with two types of cannons encountered throughout: normal cannons and black cannons.


Cheese Dreams and Cosmic Cannon

Normal cannons have a round bottom with a smaller circle of cheese inside. Inside the cheese circle is a purple arrow with a white outline. The cannon has a small neck with a purple arrow pointing toward the neck, which determines the direction for the moon to shoot out of. The mouth of the cannon protrudes a little bit. Normal cannons are grey.

In Cosmic Cannon, the cannon retains the same appearance from Cheese Dreams but is larger.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

In Cheese Dreams 2 cannons have a larger bottom, but no neck. Instead of a cheese circle, there is a turquoise circle with a fatter, purple arrow that has no outline inside. The rest of the cannon is a tan color.

Game information

Cheese Dreams

When the cannon has not been entered, it will always point towards the moon, no matter what movement he makes. If the moon lands inside the mouth of a cannon, he will disappear inside it and the cannon will begin to spin.

It will continue to spin endlessly until the player presses spacebar or Up, causing the moon to be shot out with great momentum. Smoke will trail behind the moon as he is deployed. Normal cannons first appear in level 6.

Cosmic Cannon

The cannon encountered in Cosmic Cannon will move to face the player's cursor and fire balls when the player clicks anywhere, rapidly firing balls if the player rapidly clicks.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

The cannons in Cheese Dreams 2 act much like the same as the cannons in Cheese Dreams. They follow the moon's actions when it is outside, and then spin around slowly when the moon is inside them. When the moon is shot out, no smoke trails behind, and instead the moon appears to become stretched out.


Cheese Dreams
Cosmic Cannon
Cheese Dreams demo
Cosmic Cannon cannon
Cannon - Cheese Dreams demo

Black cannons

Black cannons
Black Cannon
Ability Shoot the moon, rotates quickly
Game(s) Cheese Dreams

Black cannons are a variation of normal cannons and are only found in Cheese Dreams.


Black cannons appear the same as normal cannons, except that they are black, and the arrow in the middle of the cheese circle is pink, not purple. The arrow also has a white border.

Game information

Black cannons have the same function as normal cannons, but when the moon lands in one, it will rotate much faster than a normal cannon, making it much harder to aim.

Black cannons are usually encountered in levels that require precise timing of cannon shots and thus these cannons make doing this difficult. These cannon only appear in levels 10 and 11.

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