This article is about robots from Toxic series. For robots from other games, please see Robots.


This article is about cannons from Toxic series. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannon robots
Cannon Robot 1Toxic CannonCannon Robot (Stand) 1Cannon robot left
A mobile cannon robot (top left), a firing one (top middle), a stationary cannon robot (top right), and a moving one (bottom).
Attack Shooting spherical compressed acid
Abilities Moving horizontally on platforms (only applies to mobile cannon robots)
Health One blow from a bomb
Game(s) Toxic series

Cannon robots are enemies in the Toxic series.


Each cannon robot consists of a large metal cylinder with a metal plate on top, covering some of the back of the robot. A yellow and black stripe is located on the front of the robot's cannon, wrapping around the barrel. Two variations exist of the cannon robot: mobile cannon robots and stationary cannon robots.

Mobile cannon robots are more frequently encountered of the two. Each has a triangular base covered with a tread. This type moves horizontally, but slowly. Stationary cannon robots are on a metal stands that hold them up. This variation of the robot cannot move.

Game information

Cannon robots come in two variations, mobile cannon robots and stationary cannon robots.

Mobile cannon robots

Mobile cannon robots are found in Toxic 1 and Toxic 2. They are usually found moving in both games, albeit slowly. They shoot acid out of their cannons as an attack, but only when Toxic gets in front of them. When Toxic gets in front of them, they stop moving and begin to shoot. Rarely are they found stationary. They can be destroyed by a bomb blast. In Toxic 1, mobile cannon robots fire acid at a much lower speed, allowing the player to more easily avoid them. Their firing rate was increased in Toxic 2, making dodging a more difficult task.

Stationary cannon robots

Stationary cannon robots were introduced in Toxic 2, appearing first on level 16: Blast from the Past. Stationary cannon robots are made up of a cannon (identical to the cannon of a mobile cannon robot) mounted on a metal stand. This cannon will fire acid infinitely, never running out of ammunition. Rather than being activated by Toxic's presence, the cannons fire constantly from the start of the level. The player can duck to avoid fired bullets, thanks to the stand on the cannon, which elevates the acid balls' range.

Stationary cannon robots are significantly harder than mobile cannon robots to get to or to pass, as the player has to duck almost constantly if trying to approach it and jump repeatedly if trying to pass it. Stationary cannon robots are not indestructible; a bomb explosion will completely destroy one. The player is often harmed when approaching a stationary cannon robot, as it is hard to constantly avoid the line of acid balls. These robots appear rarely throughout the game.

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