This article is about cannons from Rubble Trouble. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.


The cannon

The cannon ball is a tool in the Rubble Trouble series.


The cannon ball consists of a cannon and an actual cannon ball. The cannon is a modified cement mixer controlled by Barry and modified to shoot cannon balls. It has two leg supports with a blue light each to hold the cannon up.

Both supports are attached to a big piece of metal which holds another piece of metal which holds the cannon. Attached to the metal that holds the cannon is seat where the pilot - Barry - controls the cannon.

Game information

The cannon can only be positioned on the ground, but not in yellow barriers. When a cannon is placed, the player can move the cannon barrel with their mouse. A small box above the cannon shows at what degree the player is at (eg. two hundred sixty degrees). Above the degree box is the cannon power box, which is a line with ten integers, each integers which probably stands for ten.

To fire the cannon ball, the player has to hold down the mouse button. When holding it down, a yellow bar will fill up the cannon power bar, all the way to the end before starting back at the start of the bar. When the player is ready, they can let go of their hold on the mouse and the cannon ball will be shot. The cannon barrel can still be moved even when the cannon power bar is filling up. The longer the yellow bar is in the cannon power bar, the faster and the farther the ball will be shot.

The cannon balls when shot will fly into the air and rebound off blocks, disappearing after some time. Cannon balls are very weak, and because of this multiple cannon balls are needed to destroy some blocks. When a single cannon ball is shot, the screen will follow where the ball is going. Multiple cannon balls can be shot at a time, and if this is done the screen will focus on the actual cannon. The ammunition of cannon balls is usually unlimited, because of their small damage. However, in some levels, the ammunition is limited.


Cannon ball
Aim with the mouse pointer and then click and hold to charge up a shot. Let go to fire.

Charge up a shot all the way to do extra damage.

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