This article is about a cannon from Blast RPG. For a cannon from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannon of rpgness
Ability Shoots the knight into the air
Game(s) Blast RPG

The cannon is an interactive object in the game Blast RPG.


The cannon resembles a pig, in the sense that the cannon is predominantly pale pink, with a curly tail for the fuse. A large dark circle on top of a white one indicates the cannon's "eyes", while sharp pale yellow "teeth" outlined in grey can be seen below it.

The barrel is represented as the pig's snout, and it is pale pink with a hole in it that is black. Finally, there are four brown wheels at the bottom of the cannon that are various shades of brown.

Game information

At the start of each level, the cannon will be to the very left of the screen. The player is able to control the pig cannon with their mouse. A meter just below the pig cannon controls the amount of power used to launch the knight into the air.

Positioning and clicking with the mouse will shoot the knight out of the cannon, where the level begins. Asides from being able to launch the boy knight, the pig cannon plays no larger role in the game. If the player increasing the strength stat of the knight, the cannon's power will increase.



  • Other than the start of each level, the pig cannon makes an appearance in the game's startup, launching the letters NITROME onto the grass.

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