Cream ball candy
Creamy Ball CandyYellow cream ballOrange Cream ball
Cream ball candies (top three images); jelly candy (bottom image)

Jelly candy

Ability Chicks stick to them; chicks bounce off them.
Game(s) Chick Flick

Cream ball candies and jelly candy are interactive objects in the game Chick Flick.


Cream ball candy

Cream ball candies come in three different colours: pink, yellow, and orange. The different colours do not affect the candy in any way.

Jelly candies

Jelly candies have four bumps on the top, and are always a red colour.

Game Information


The candy's appearance in level four

Cream ball candy and jelly candy only appear in level four of Chick Flick, and are what make that level unique. They appear along the edge of both sides of the screen. On the right side, the order is: cream ball, jelly, cream ball, jelly. However, on the left side it is: jelly, cream ball, jelly, cream ball, cream ball.

Cream ball candy

When a chick touches a cream ball candy, they will stick in about halfway for one second. When an object sticks into a cream ball, a splatter of cream will appear around the object, and when the object comes off, the splatter will shrink and disappear.

The size of the object will not affect the size of the splatter; (A small chick will make the same size splatter as a large chick). All objects except acorns and hearts can stick to cream ball candies

Jelly candy

Jelly candy is a different kind of candy. When an object touches a jelly candy, it will bounce off in the opposite direction, and the jelly will jiggle in and out for a few moments, and then stop.

As with the cream ball candy, all objects except hearts and acorns can bounce off them. When a bomb chick touches a jelly candy (or a cream ball candy), it will not affect the number of bounces the bomb chick has made.

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