A two hump camel
Attack Fire humps upward
Damage One passenger falling off the cable car
Game(s) Skywire

Camels are hazards in the game Skywire.


Camels appear as yellow enemies with a yellow square shaped body, a thin robotic neck, four legs and a tail. On their back can be seen either two or three yellow humps. Camels have also have randomly placed metal pieces attached to their bodies, with bolts holding these pieces in place. Their humps are yellow cylinders that shine. 

When they do not shoot up their humps, their eyes are closed, looking like n shaped. While when they are releasing their humps, their bodies reveal two black holes and their eyes and mouth open, as if they are surprised. 

Game information

Camels will shoot up two or three of their humps consistently, which will hit the cable car on the track if not dodged. The humps will fire straight upwards, and will come down after lingering in the air for a split second. They stand on islands and don't actually interact with the track.

They vary from two to three humps. The two humped camels have a faster firing time, and start firing every two seconds. The three humped camels, because of their added hump, fire every three seconds. Both camels' humps take about a second to come up and back down. Camels' humps can be avoided easily, as they do not fire for a few seconds, giving the cable car ample time to rush through. They are found in levels two and twenty-one.

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