This article is about cages from Onekey. For cages from other games, please see Cages.

Cage Block
The block
Ability Stops Tribesman
Game(s) Onekey

Cages are interactive objects in the game Onekey.


The cage blocks are normal yellow blocks that have three three rectangles on them, representing the bars of the cage.

Four brown bars are attached to the bottom of the top stone, and connect it to the block when the tribesman walks on to the block. In the middle of cage, is a single gold lock. The top of the cage is the same type of yellow stone that the blocks are made of.

Game information

Locked Tribesman

A tribesman caged

Unlike all other objects in Onekey, cages will automatically be activated when the tribesman steps on the cage block.

When stepped on, a cage will raise out of the block, and trap the tribesman inside. Not all of the tribesman is inside of the cage, with his feather sticking out the top, and one of his arms and the end of the bone sticking out the sides.

It is possible that these parts were sticking out in between the blocks. The tribesman can only escape if the player presses the space bar. Cages will not protect the tribesman from enemy attacks, meaning that they can be hurt while inside it. To release the Tribesman from the cage, the Space must be pressed, and he will continue walking.

They have a similar use to checkpoints/safe zones in a way that the tribesman can stop at them and have no worries moving into dangerous areas.