This article is about cages from Powerup. For cages from other games, please see Cages.

Caged monsters
Ability Conducts electricity
Game(s) Powerup

Caged monsters are interactive objects first introduced in level 3 of Powerup.


A caged monster appears as a medium sized, red furry monster, with sharp teeth and large black eyes; it is contained inside a medium-sized cage.
Electrocuted monster

The monster upon being electrocuted

Game information

An oversized furry creature stuck in a small cage, it has a tendency to move back and forth, making growling noises when doing so. This can be a challenge for players if they attempt to use it to support the structure they build.

A monster with a banana crate

When caged monsters make their appearance in a level, there is only one of them seen at a time, except for one stage where four caged monsters are situated behind a panel of glass.

Players can used the caged monster seen in the level as a piece which conducts electricity. When electrocuted, the caged monster becomes still. Another method of calming a caged monster can be done in level fourteen, where a banana crate is provided. If placed next to the caged monster, it will remain still for the duration of the stage.

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