This article is about cacti from Bad Ice-Cream 3. For cacti from other games, please see Cacti.

Cactus monsters
BIC3 Cactus1
A cactus monster at rest
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving in a wall formation
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream 3

Cactus monsters are enemies in Bad Ice-Cream 3. They were first of two enemies to be revealed on the blog before the game's release.[1]


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Cactus monsters are green cube-shaped monsters that line up side by side to form a wall. A flower on top of their heads appears green and withdrawn. When they get angry, their brows furrow and frowns and their entire being transitions from light green to an orange hue.

Game information

Cactus monsters first appear on level 3 of Bad Ice-Cream 3. At the start of the level, they are seen sleeping, often together in rows or columns. Every ten seconds, they will wake up and move in a set direction. After a few seconds, they will go back to sleep simultaneously and continue this pattern for the duration of the level. Contact with the cactus monsters will not harm the ice cream characters unless the cactus monsters are awake.

If any ice blocks are in the cactus monsters' way, they will crush them but continue moving at the same pace. Only obstacles or built in walls are able to prevent cactus monsters from completing their path. If these are in the way of their trajectory, they continue to move, but will not advance farther.



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