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This article is about cable car from Skywire. For cable car from Avalanche, please see Cable car (Avalanche).

Cable car
CableCar red
Health Three hits
Level(s) All
Status Existent
Game(s) Skywire series

The cable car is the main vehicle of the Skywire series.


The cable car appears as a box, with a short rod attached to the top which has four wheels on it.

The cable car can be customized in Skywire 2 in various colours, but is available solely in red in the original version of Skywire (not counting the Skywire included with Skywire 2). All of the static colours of cable car are shown below.

CableCar redCableCar orangeCableCar yellowCableCar greenCableCar blueCableCar purpleCableCar pinkCableCar grey

Penguin 1

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A multi-coloured cable car can be unlocked by completing Skywire 2, and a flashing one can be unlocked by completing the Skywire levels within Skywire 2. These two cable cars are shown below.

CableCar colorfulMulticolor Cablecar

Game information

The cable car is a vehicle that has traveled on a cable around a dangerous area. The car can hold the maximum of three passengers, while trying to get to the end.

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After the player completes all the Skywire 2 levels, they will be able to customize their cable car in different colours.

And after the player completes all the original Skywire and Skywire 2 levels in Skywire 2, a flashing colour for the cable car is unlocked.

In Skywire V.I.P., the cable cars come in various sizes. A limousine cable car is introduced in that game, and used for subsequent Skywire VIP games.

Other appearances

  • Super Treadmill - A blue cable car appears as a platform in Day 11. A double decker bus with the word "SKYWIRE" is also seen on the same level.
  • Party skin - A cable car appears coming out of a crowd of Nitrome characters
  • Retro skin - A cable car appears on a cable above Norman Noggin
  • Frost Bite 2 - In the game over, an article with the headline "SKYWIRE KIDS RIDE FREE see page 7" is seen

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