Buzzbots mark 2
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Rolling
Health One drill into them
Points Fifty
Game(s) Chisel 2

Buzzbots mark 2 are enemies in the game Chisel 2.


Buzzbots mark 2 are upgraded versions of the buzzbot, and, although they are upgraded buzzbots heads, they look nothing like the original buzzbots.

Buzzbots mark 2 are made to look cuter than their originals; buzzbots mark 2 have two big pink eyes on a white head, which has a saw that move around the outside of the head at a fast speed.

Game information

Buzzbots mark 2 are upgraded versions of the buzzbot head. They move over all terrain, something the originals never did. Buzzbots mark 2 rip up the ground when they move, as dirt comes out of the ground whenever they move. Despite ripping the ground up, they don't effect the ground at all, except for flinging dirt around.

Due to the buzzbots mark 2 periodically moving saw, Chiseler will lose one heart of life if he collides with them, along with destroying the buzzbot and yielding points in the process. Buzzbots mark 2 move at different speeds in different levels.


  • Buzzbots mark 2 are possibly inspired by buzzblades.

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