Attack Dangerous to touch
Health One hit for brown buzzbots; blue buzzbots are invincible
Game(s) Chisel 1

Buzzbots are enemies encountered in the game Chisel. They do not appear in Chisel 2, the sequel.


Buzzbots appear as a white face on the side of a buzzsaw, which is chained to the ground. Their eyes are small pink circles, and their mouths look like the grill on a car. They are either blue or brown, depending on type. A screw head can be seen on the base of the blue buzzbot. Both types have two links of chains.

Game information

There are three variations of buzzbots. The first variation, chain buzzbots; are robot heads equipped with buzzsaws that rotate on a chain around a center screw attached to the planet.


A buzzbot head

There are two types: the brown-bronze buzzbot that can be defeated by drilling through the center screw, and the invincible blue buzzbot. The blue buzzbot head has to be completely avoided, as it cannot be killed.

Buzzbot heads

Buzzbot heads are enemies in Chisel. Buzzbot heads are basically the head of a usual buzzbot, but are planted inside planets, repeatedly moving their Saw around their head. The head cannot be destroyed, and will subtract one heart from Chiseler every time he collides with a head. They appear rarely, and are similar to boombots.

Buzzbots mark 2

Main article: Buzzbots mark 2

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