This article is about butter from The Glassworks. For butter from other games, please see Buttons.

Red buttonRed button lit
A red button not activated (left) and one activated (right)
Ability Activating hologram squares
Game(s) The Glassworks

Buttons are interactive objects in The Glassworks.


Buttons are shaped like squares with rounded corners so that a horizontal line is formed perpendicular to the diagonals. In the middle of the red button will be the word "HIT" in white letters. The area around the word will either be red, when the button is activated, or brown, when not activated. Lastly, a thin dark brown outline goes around the red button.

Game information

Buttons first appear in level 3. When a button is activated by Kapowski punching it, hologram squares will appear, enabling the player to get to otherwise unreachable areas. Buttons can be activated on either side of the glass. The player must be careful when stopping to press a red button, as an enemy could easily hurt Kapowski while he is not moving.

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