This article is about buttons from Test Subject Blue. For buttons from other games, please see Buttons.

Buttons (Test Subject Blue)
A deactivation button
Ability Activates/deactivates objects
Game(s) Test Subject Blue, Test Subject Green, Test Subject Arena

Buttons are interactive objects in the Test Subject series.

General appearance

Buttons appear attached to walls, with a green button to activate it.

Game information

Buttons appear in many levels of the Test Subject series, and will activate or deactivate a certain object or objects.

To activate buttons, they need to be shot with a blue proton bullet. An orange enzyme bullet will not work even though it is probably a reverse engineered version of blue proton bullet.


There are two types of buttons: deactivation buttons and switch buttons.

Deactivation buttons

Main article: Deactivation buttons

Switch buttons

Main article: Switch buttons

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