This article is about buttons from Mega Mash. For buttons from other games, please see Buttons.

Buttons are interactive objects in the game Mega Mash.

General appearance

Buttons appear as a yellow block with lights on them. These lights appear red when the block is stepped on.

General game information

These blocks will cause an action to happen when stepped on.


Permanent buttons

Permanent buttons are a type of interactive object in Mega Mash.


Permanent buttons appear as a yellow block with a red button pressing towards the screen and one button pressing up.

Game information

Permanent buttons act a lot like switches, and have a similar appearance. Permanent buttons are activated by being stepped on, and unlike switches, cause an entire designated area to permanently change to another game. Permanent buttons appear uncommonly in Mega Mash.



This article is about switches from Mega Mash. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Game transformers

A two block switch

Switches are a type of universal object in Mega Mash.


Switches, despite being universal, seem to be coloured to fit with Carrot Story, as switches have the appearance of usually four yellow blocks with a red light in the middle of each one.

Game information

Switches appear in all Mega Mash games, except Nitrometris, and have a universal appearance for the six games. Switches appear inside walls, and can only be activated if it is hit with a ninja star or a box is put on top of the switch

When hit with an ninja star, the hit lights will turn green, and cause a certain area in the level to have a special wall in it, that wall being to another game. Switches are only used to open up special walls to other games, sometimes causing the entire special wall to sometimes be consumed by the game. Switches may only activate part of an area if not all lights are lit green. Switches appear mainly in Ninja segments of Mega Mash.

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