This article is about buttons from Chick Flick. For buttons from other games, please see Buttons.

Buttons left sideButtons right side
Ability Moves the conveyor belt underneath the squirrels
Game(s) Chick Flick

Buttons are interactive objects in the game Chick Flick.


Buttons appear on the left and right sides of the screen in level five of Chick Flick. There are three types of buttons: right buttons, left buttons, and pause buttons. The left buttons have an arrow on them pointing left.

The right buttons have an arrow on them pointing right, and the pause buttons have the pause sign (two vertical lines) on them.

Game information

There are three types of buttons: right buttons, left buttons, and pause buttons encountered in Chick Flick, found only on level five. If an object touches a button, that action will happen to the conveyor belt. (e.g.: If an object touches a left button, the conveyor belt will move to the left) The conveyor belt is the floor that the squirrels are standing on. When the conveyor belt moves, the squirrels slide along too.

When the squirrels come to a wall, the conveyor belt will keep moving, but the squirrels will stay in place up against the wall. If a chick hits the ground and dies, it will stay in the same place on the conveyor belt, even if the belt is moving. If the squirrels are working against the conveyor belt, by running the opposite way that it's going, then the squirrels will go much slower, making it harder to catch chicks from falling.

Conveyor belts

The conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is activated by the buttons. A button can be pressed by any object, except for hearts and acorns. There are two of each kind of button on both sides of the screen. Buttons with a → will move the conveyor belt right, a button with a ← will move the conveyor belt left, and a conveyor belt with a || (pause button) will stop the conveyor belt from moving. The pause button is likely the most desired button, as the conveyor belt stops moving.

However, in some cases the conveyor belt moving in one direction can be helpful for the squirrels, as if they go in the direction the conveyor belt is moving, they will move much faster which can be helpful if a chick is located far off from the squirrels.

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