Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Digging underground
Health One hit
Points Fifty
Game(s) Chisel 2

Bunnyblades are enemies in the game Chisel 2.


Bunnyblades are blue, rabbit-like robots that have a circular body. They have two, big pink eyes on the side of large mouth, with six sharp teeth inside. They have small arms and legs on their sides and bottoms, and clippers on their tops resembling rabbit ears.

The large clippers are grey, and used to dig the robot's way through dirt. Although made to resemble bunnies, they seem to have a rather large mouth and are made to look scary.

Game information

Bunnyblades are the first enemies introduced in Chisel 2, and also the first Chisel 2 exclusive enemy. All have the ability to dig into the planet they are on, and not be seen by the player while digging inside the planet. They will eventually pop out, after a few seconds, on another side of the planet. The location of where they will pop out can be predicted because a mound of dirt will begin to form in that spot about two seconds before they come out. Bunnyblades will jump out of a planet then fall to the ground.

Any contact with a bunnyblade will harm Chiseller, and take away one heart. However, this does not harm the bunnyblade. If Chiseller is jumping up to drill, or is already drilling, contact with a bunnyblade will not harm Chiseller. To kill a bunnyblade, Chiseler has to hit it from underneath, but this can only be done during the bunnyblade's few seconds above the surface of the planet. A bunnyblade will grant the player fifty points upon being destroyed. Bunnyblades will not move while standing on a planet, but after a few seconds will quickly drill back into the place they just came out of.


  • One level of Chisel places Chiseler in a bunnyblade reserve, where many bunnyblades are kept possibly because they are a endangered species.
  • Bunnyblades featuring blades above their head makes them resemble Cut Man from the game series Mega Man.

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