This article is about bulls from Off The Rails. For bulls from Rust Bucket, please see bulls.

Sitting Bull
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Rising and falling
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails

Bulls are enemies in the game Off The Rails.


Bulls are large and red coloured. They have two small feet with two grey hooves. Near the bottom, on their face, they have a orange nose with a gold nose ring in it. Above their nose they have two bloodshot eyes with red veins showing. On each side of their heads, there is a white, curved horn.

On top of the bull's head are two black birds. The birds have small black legs, black feathers, a yellow pointed beak, and white eyes. The black bird's feet are more visible when they are flying.

Game information

When the cactus men see a bull on the road, they must stop in front of it, otherwise, they will run into it and be killed. It is nearly impossible to jump over the bull and the cactus men will explode if attempted (unless they jump off a hill). After a few seconds of waiting, the black birds on top of the bull will fly up pulling the bull with them, and allowing the cactus men are go under the bull while it is in the air. After a few seconds in the air, the birds will let go of the bull and it will fall to the ground.

If any part of the bull is touched, even if it is in the air, the cactus men will die. Curiously, when the bull dies the birds and cactus men do as well. Stopping right next to the bull when it is about to go up will also kill the bull and player.



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