This article is about bullets from Fat Cat. For bullets from other games, please see Bullets.

Bullets are hazards in the game Fat Cat.

General game information

Bullets are fired from enemies and turrets in an attempt to hurt the cat. They may be fired out in a straight line or spewed out randomly by enemies.

On some stages, the bullets may even be able to follow the cat's every move, similar to the bees which may also be fired from other enemies as well as the final boss faced. In the game, Fat Cat, there are two different types of bullets fired from both enemies and turrets: bullet clusters and single bullets.


Single bullets

Single bullets are fired out individually, usually in the colours pink, green or blue. As a general rule, turrets fire single bullets in a straight line with little space in between them and an enemy's bullets will be fired out in a random formation.

There are several things the player can do to protect the cat from getting hit by bullets. The player can choose to block them with the owl, use the cat's megaburp or make cover with movable blocks, as they cannot penetrate through them. Single bullets will also be attracted to the owl when the owl presses the M button, if one is available in the game.

Bullet clusters

Bullet clusters is the name given to bullets which fire in groups of threes, in a triangular shape. These are usually fired from the bosses, but can also be fired from turrets and some larger enemies as well. Like the single bullets, bullet clusters cannot pass through move blocks, which makes the cat safer if it is underneath one.

The owl, however, cannot block these bullets with its body like it can with single bullets. They must simply be avoided or, if the player desires, eliminated with the cat's megaburp.