This article is about chains from Temple Glider. For chains from other games, please see Chains.

Bull buckle chains
Bull Buckle Chain
Attack Follows the Egyptian bird
Damage Death
Game(s) Temple Glider

Bull buckle chains are hazards in the game Temple Glider.


Bull buckle chains attach to one block of the ceiling or ground to the other. The links are shaped like round rectangles and are dark grey in colour. The head of the bull also dark grey, surrounded by a red outline.

Two pointy horns stick up on the top of either sides of its head and below that, on the face, is a pair of black eyes with tiny red pupils.

Game information

The chain is attached to two blocks, and will move when the buckle wants to move. The bull buckle will move on the chain, following the Egyptian bird. The chain part can be flown through, its only the bull buckle that can harm the player. If contact with the buckle is made, bird is killed.

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