Bull beasts
Bull beast
A walking bull beast
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities None
Health One blow
Game(s) Frost Bite series

Bull beasts[1] are recurring enemies in the Frost Bite series.


Bull beasts have a body that facing down, being horizontal. They have two legs and a tail on there rear end. There head, located on the front of the body, has the creature's visible yellow eye, mouth with teeth, and horns.
Two Legged Bull


Game information

Frost Bite series

Bull beasts slowly, walk back and forth in the levels they are encountered in (on ice in Thin Ice, and on platforms in Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2). When the Eskimo is on the same platform the bull is on, or gets in the bull's line of sight, the bull will charge (as shown in the picture) at the Eskimo. The bull can also be killed with the grappling hook, but in the situation when it is charging, the player has to jump on it.

Its horns will not hurt the player since they are pointed forward. In Thin Ice, the player has to make a hole, then trick the bull into charging into it. Bulls are sometimes encountered in groups of three, walking through each other when they meet another Bull. Bulls are generally encountered at the start of the game, and in the Frost Bite series can be shot and killed from the platform below.

Other appearances

  • Winter skin - A herd of bull beasts appear in the Winter skin, and in various locations
Bulls frostbite

Running bulls in the winter skin


  • When the bull is hit with the grappling hook, the death animation plays as if the bull's legs have been pulled by the grappling hook.
  • If the player is hit by a charging bull, or another creature, and jumps on the bull, they will not kill the bull, but they will lose health.


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