This article is about bugs from Ribbit. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Ability Granting the player points
Points Two hundred fifty
Game(s) Ribbit

Bugs are pick ups in the game Ribbit. They share the same purpose with carrots.


Bugs are circular and symetrical. They have two light yellow wings and four small legs that are the same color as their blue-grey bodies. They also have two red eyes with light yellow scleras and teeth that appear gritted.

Game information

Bugs are scattered around levels in groups, most commonly in vertical lines. They are blue and stay in one place, not moving. They are a food (or probably favorite food) of the frog head on Ribbit. They appear in every levels in Ribbit, and are necessary (among other things) for highscores. They will grant the player two hundred and fifty points upon being touched by Ribbit.

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