This article is about bugs from Parasite. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Bugs are pick ups in the game Parasite. Their only purpose is to grant points.

General game information

If the parasite touches a bug, they will shrivel up and die and will add fifty points to the player's score.



This section is about dragonflies from Parasite. For dragonflies from other games, please see Dragonflies.

Dragonflies are edible creatures in Parasite.


Dragonflies have four white wings and a small black body. The dragonflies wings are arranged so that two wings on the top and two on the bottom (the top wings are large and longer then the ones on the bottom).

White butter fly (Parasite)1

A dragonfly

Game information

Dragonflies are seen flying around and sometimes are trapped between rocks or underneath floors. When touched by the parasite two things will happen: the dragonfly will crumple up and fall to the ground and 50 points will be added to the players score.



This section is about butterflies from Parasite. For butterflies from other games, please see Butterflies.

Butterfly (parasite)

A purple butterfly

Purple butterflies are edible creatures in Parasite. They are quite similar to white butterflies.


The difference between white and purple butterflies in that the body style of purple butterflies is slightly different, being to round balls instead of a line, having two antennas, and the wings being more detailed.

The purple butterflies top wings are a greenish black line around three pinkish purplish dots and black in the center. The bottom wings are the same except the three dots are now a small dot and a big one.

Game information

If the parasite gets close enough to a butterfly, it may die and fall off the screen. Purple butterflies, despite being the same species as white butterflies, are not much different from them.

Red bugs

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Red bugs are edible creatures in Parasite.


Red bugs are small, red, ant-like bugs that walk the floors of levels. They appear as a red circle, with two horns and a pair of eyes.

Game information

As red bugs lack wings, they are the only type of bug found on the ground. However, they scurry across the forest floor at great speed. They are killed by being stepped on, making a small scream upon death.

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