For the lucky bug, see Lucky bug.

This article is about bugs from Cooped Up. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Worm CoopedUp
A worm
Ability Fills the meter by 1 increment
Game(s) Cooped Up

Bugs are pickups in Cooped Up.


Bugs can be seen in three different forms: a worm, a fly and a spider. The worm is pink with three visible segments, including its head and tail. The fly has a circular blue body with white teardrop wings. The spider has a red body divided into two segments, the larger of which has a dark red stripe. It also has orange legs. All enemies have similar black eyes with white pupils and a thick round mouth.

Game information

Bugs typically can be found at the start of the game, near the first rope the finch can spring onto. When a bug is consumed by crossing its path or landing on it, the bug will transform into a star that travels another star seen at the top of a meter in the top-left corner of the game screen. This action causes the bottommost unlit increment of the meter to light up. When all ten increments fill the meter, the finch receives a boost upwards that causes it to become temporarily invulnerable to all hazards and enemies.


The three types of bugs encountered have different behaviours.

  • Worms are only found on ropes. They remain stationary until the finch lands on the same rope as them, and if they are not eaten, they will gradually move away from the bird.
  • Flies move horizontally, fluttering above either a branch or a rope. Their trajectory spans the entire width of the game screen. A fly can only be consumed as the finch is being flung into the air. Flies can be found on both ropes and branches.
  • Spiders, as with worms, are also only found on ropes. They crawl back and forth along the entire width of the rope, sometimes temporarily stopping. Their trajectory does not change if the finch lands on the same rope they walk on. Unlike worms, if the player misses a spider upon landing on a rope, they can wait for the spider to crawl to the bird before progressing further.

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