This article is about bugs from Bullethead. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Black Flying Bugs
Attack Damaging on contact
Abilities Flying
Health 5 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Bugs are enemies in the game Bullethead.


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Bugs are round, medium-sized black creatures with one red eye. They have four small stick-like legs and two white wings that they constantly beat in order to continue flying.

Game information

Bugs are spawned from electric portals and fly in lines of five or six. The number of bugs in a line is less if the portal is destroyed while spawning bugs. Bugs will fly diagonal and bounce when they touch the edge of a screen. They also fly in circles, and do not fly in a usual route all the time. They will be spawned forever unless the portal is destroyed. Bugs will cause the soldiers to lose one heart on contact.


  • If a bug is between two other bugs, and is destroyed, there may sometimes still be a gap between the two other bugs where the bug was before.
  • Since bugs come out of portals, they may not be part of the main invasion.
  • The player can avoid fighting these enemies by shooting the portal when it first appears on-screen, however, they must have enough weaponry to destroy the portal before it spawns the bugs.

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