Bug yellow goo
Bug yellow goo  Bug yellow goo inflated
When not inflated (left) and when inflated (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact (when inflated)
Abilities Inflating
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Swindler 2

Bug yellow goo are enemies in the game Swindler 2.


Bug yellow goo slightly resemble yellow wasps when not inflated. They have a small, yellow, curved body, with two brown eyes on the front, and two grey wings on their back. On their rear is a yellow stinger.

When inflated, the bugs become bright orange, lose their stinger, and swell up to nearly four times their normal size. They still keep their normal wings, however. Also, their eyes seem to narrow and become angrier.

Game information

Bug yellow goo's are introduced in level thirteen of Swindler 2. They can be found around the level, flying casually and aimlessly in a certain area, rapidly changing directions. The yellow goo are completely harmless to Swindler.

When Swindler's cord goes inside a bug's programmed area, the bug will attach its stinger into the cord and begin sucking out air. In the place where the sting occurred, a small amount of orange goo can be seen inside the cord. The yellow bug then begins to inflate and turn orange until it is much larger than their normal size. Once fully inflated, the now orange goo will begin to chase Swindler, but more slowly than before due to it being bigger and filled. Like all orange goo, it causes death to Swindler upon touch.

When a short period of time passes, the goo will shrink back to its original size, and immediately fly off back to their programmed area.



  • Occasionally, the bugs will inflate themselves, but no orange marking will appear on Swindler's cord.

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