Attack Follows the player
Abilities Flying
Level Hot Air 2 - 24: Follow the Leader
Mega Mash - Level 14
Game(s) Hot Air series
Mega Mash

The bug is an enemy in that appears in Hot Air 1, 2, and Balloon level sections of Mega Mash.


Hot Air 1 and 2

The bug has a cylinder-like head, with two brown antennas on top. Below its mouth are its two small, wing-like, dark turquoise feet. The bug has a red mouth with two white teeth, a pair of black eyes above, and above that a black unibrow.

Balloon (Mega Mash)

Bugs have a head which at the top has the bugs two antennas, and below the body has the bugs two boot like feet. The bug has two very small pink cheeks, a mouth with two teeth, and eyes and eyebrows.

Game information


An animated bug in the middle of the image

Hot Air

The bug appears on level 10 of Hot Air. Located in a small room, the bug will follow Hot Air in quick spurts. Its actions are exactly the same as in Hot Air 2, except unable to go through walls.

Hot Air 2

The bug first appears in level twenty-four: Follow the leader, of Hot Air 2: All Blown Up. In the level it is encountered, the bug will slowly follow the player, making immediate movements then stopping, moving in the direction the player moves. They can go through walls, but they move slower inside the wall. The enemy, although moving slowly, can become a nuisance. The best tactic is to lead it through walls.

Mega Mash

Baloon homing enemy
Abilities Following the player
Game(s) Mega Mash (Balloon)

Bugs appear in Balloon segments of Mega Mash, appearing as homing enemies, being a homing enemies group. Bugs, like in Hot Air 2, follow the player, although the bugs in Mega Mash constantly follow the player without stopping, while the ones in Hot Air 2 make short movements toward the player.

Bugs in Mega Mash also cannot go through walls, which the Hot Air 2 version could do. Since bugs are homing enemies, they transform into another homing enemy when they enter another zone. Bugs can be killed by being hit by bullets from the player, but cannot be killed in the Balloon zone, as the player is unable to fire bullets in the Balloon zone.

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