For other uses, see Bubbles.
Abilities Divides when poked
Damage Instant death
Health 3 hits
Game(s) Plunger

Bubbles are hazards first encountered in level 12 of Plunger.


Bubbles are spherical with a dot of light reflecting off their surface. They are orange coloured but translucent. A black outline can be seen surrounding the bubbles against the background.

Game information

Bubbles only appear in level 12 and 14 of the game. They are seen moving at a constant rate, and rebound when they hit a wall or another bubble. If Plunger drives its ropes through a bubble, the bubble splits into two smaller bubbles. The smaller bubbles can be split into tinier ones with the same action, and these tinier ones get popped when Plunger's ropes are driven through them.

As the bubbles are popped, they increase in speed while decreasing in size. Smaller bubbles have less surface area than their larger form, but require more preciseness to pop. A bubble has three size stages it goes through before completely disappearing for the duration of the level currently played.


Bubbles can kill Plunger if one hits Plunger's centre component. Upon contact, Plunger lets out a cry and disappears from the screen as the game over prompt is cued. The bubble that hit Plunger is also eliminated. Any bubbles that hit Plunger's ropes, however, do not affect the main piece itself and will bounce off the ropes as though it is another surface or bubble.

Bubble spawners


A bubble spawner

On level 14, bubbles enter the level from one of two bubble spawners in the middle area of the screen. These spawners generate a single large bubble approximately every seven seconds. Their production is signaled by the lighting of the four circular lights, starting with the top right corner, lighting up in a counter-clockwise direction. When all four lights are lit, there is a pause before a bubble appears on the screen. The time duration of this pause is dependent on the number of bubbles already present in the area. If multiple bubbles are in the area, the delay between all four lights activating and the generator producing a bubble is longer.

As bubbles are popped and eliminated, more are produced to take their place. If the player does not move Plunger into the main area of the level, a maximum of eight bubbles will be produced by the two spawners.

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