This article is about aliens from Mega Mash. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Bubble aliens
Bubble aliens
Attack Firing bullets
Abilities Moving horizontally
Health Three blows
Points Five hundred
Game(s) Xolstar 3 (Mega Mash)

Bubble aliens are enemies first introduced in level twelve of the Xolstar 3 sections of the game Mega Mash. They are part of the single zone enemies group.


The orange aliens in the bubble have a single head with black eyes, purple wings on the side, antennae on top of their heads and the entire bottom of his head being covered by a mouth.

The entire body of the alien is inside a bubble, which when shot by the ship damages the creature. It is possible the bubble is actually the transparent outside of the creature.

Game information

Bubble aliens move horizontally, firing four bullets: one above, one below and two on either sides. They can be destroyed with three shots from the ship's laser beam, of which they will explode. Since the enemy attacks constantly, players may find them difficult to destroy, as the player can only shoot in a horizontal direction.

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