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Bear Parasite
An unpossessed brute walking
Attack Punch and ground pound
Abilities Can be controlled via landing on its head
Health Three hits
Game(s) Parasite

Brutes are enemies in the game Parasite.


Brutes are big blue bear-like creatures with white manes and underbellies. Their facial features include large round ears and closed eyes. They are a very large size and possess massive strength. Their eyes only open when they take are hit by the player. Once taken over by the parasite, they look more like a zombie.

Game information

Brutes will walk back and forth, apparently in a doze, for their eyes are closed. When they walk, they violently swing their arms back and forth with every step. Although, when a bear is punched by another bear, it will slide back a few feet, and will open its eyes.

A brute can only withstand three hits of any attack. Even when a bear is not possessed, it still has three hearts, meaning that after they are hit three times they will still die, turning their eyes into x's and falling of the screen.

The parasite can jump on a brutes's head and will control it, the brute turning a green color and beginning to drip green slime out of it's mouth. Using the action button, the possessed brute will punch in front of it. If the player presses the up button, the possessed bear will jump up in the air, and come back down and do a "ground pound".

This "ground pound" can destroy obstacles such as wood, but it can also hurt other creature, such as other brutes. After they've been used they are disposed of, being killed and their body parts falling off the screen.

Other appearances

  • Snowman skin - A brute is seen about to die after being released from the parasite's control.



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