Ability Blocking arrows
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Brontosauruses are obstacles that appear in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


A brontosaurus appears as a large green dinosaur. It has a long neck, large brown eyes at the top of the head, and a brown mouth at the bottom of the head. The eyes water with tears whenever the dinosaur is stuck in tar or when it is struck by an arrow.

The dinosaur also has a large body, with a light green underbelly, four legs, each with three ivory coloured toes per foot. Each leg also has a green swirl at the knee. Brontosauruses are often seen chewing green leaves.

Game information

Brontosauruses are for the most part immobile, set in places that most restrict the way in which the target(s) can be shot. The player cannot shoot through brontosaurus with normal arrows, although special arrows, such as spirit arrows, are able to.

If the contestants hit a brontosaurus with an arrow, the brontosaurus will cry, a tear dripping from its eye sometimes. In the Tar Cup, brontosauruses appears stuck in tar. Sometimes during cups, Brontosauruses can appear with targets on them.

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