Ability Destructible
Game(s) Rubble Trouble series

Bricks are inert (non-explosive) but destructible blocks in the Rubble Trouble series.


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Bricks are brown-red bricks layered on top of each other.

Game information

Bricks may be destroyed by the demolition crew's tools, by explosive blocks or by the sumo wrestlers. Unlike glass, which will shatter in one hit, bricks have three states: intact, damaged, and destroyed. Some weapons will reduce bricks to their damaged state, but cannot destroy them completely.

If right next to an explosion, a brick will be completely destroyed. If further away, it will instead become "damaged". Damaged bricks occupy the same amount of space as intact ones, but will not stick to other bricks and are therefore cannot bear loads. When a brick is completely destroyed, it will break in half and shatter into dust when it hits the ground. Most tools can completely destroy bricks. Bricks make up almost all buildings in the Rubble Trouble series.

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