Brick monsters
Brick monster
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking on the plunger's rope
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Plunger

Brick monsters are enemies in the game Plunger.


Brick monsters look like a small, square-shaped creatures with a white face looking like a square skull and a pair of small, red stubs for legs.

Two similar stubs are also found on the brick monster's sides and might function as arms. A small propeller can also appear on the top of a brick monster.

Game information

In the game, brick monsters will cling to walls and walk around either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If a brick monster touches a point where the wall turns, they will simply turn along and continue moving. If a brick monster touches one of the plunger's arms, they will start to walk on it towards the plunger and destroy him on contact.

If plunger changes the direction of its arms, the brick monster will pull out a small propeller and continue moving in its direction until it lands on a wall. This will cause it to continue walking on the wall.


  • There is a glitch where, if a brick monster is left in mid-air after the plunger changes the direction of its arms, the brick monster will spin around in a circle very quickly in one position.

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