This article is about birds from Plunger. For birds from other games, please see Birds.

Brick birds
Brick Bird
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Game(s) Plunger

Brick birds are enemies in the game Plunger.


Brick birds appear as a bird-like creature with a square body, two wings, two ears, and two legs. Its body is white with two brown eyes. The rest of the brick bird's body is red, except for two pink lines under its eyes. its ears stick up from its body like short rabbit ears.

In rocket form (when the brick bird is rocketing towards the plunger), the brick bird's body is turned toward the plunger. Its wings become like airplane wings, as they stick out from the body. Its ears point towards the plunger as well.

Game information

Brick Bird Rocketing

A brick bird rocketing towards Plunger

Brick birds fly in a set pattern- either vertically or horizontally. If the plunger comes in contact with a brick bird, it will die. If a brick bird comes in contact with the plunger's rope, then it will begin to move towards the plunger along the rope, rotating and moving like a rocket. Once again, if the brick bird reaches the plunger and contact is made, the plunger will die. However, if the plunger makes a new rope before contact is made, it will be safe.

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