This article is about breakable blocks from Ribbit. For breakable blocks from Cheese Dreams, please see Breakable blocks (Cheese Dreams).


This article is about blocks from Ribbit. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Breakable blocks
Ribbit breakable blocks
All colour variations
Ability Can be broken and passed through
Game(s) Ribbit

Breakable blocks are interactive objects in the game Ribbit.


Breakable blocks are basically square shaped cubes divided into three sections. On each section a crack can be seen, indicating fragility. There are six colour variations, each being brown but having different shading and contrast.

Game information

Breakable blocks appear often through two platforms, either on walls or floors. Breakable blocks are organised in such way that the player has got to break them in order to move further. Ribbit, upon making direct contact with a block, will break it and the space it occupied will appear clear, making the area passable. Breakable blocks are always found in groups of large amounts, often blocking off areas from the player.

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