This article is about blocks from Gunbrick. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Gunbrick Block DestructableBlock
A breakable block in Gunbrick (left) and Gunbrick mobile (right)
Ability Blocking the way
Game(s) Gunbrick, Gunbrick (mobile)

Breakable blocks are interactive objects in the Gunbrick series.



Breakable blocks in Gunbrick are a perfect square, and are a a brownish-tan colour mixed with a brown colour. They have a small black square in the middle.

Gunbrick mobile

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Game information


Block Explode

A block exploding

Breakable blocks are usually placed to block Gunbrick from going somewhere. For this reason, they can often be found in larger groups. Breakable blocks can be destroyed from one of Gunbrick's bullet, but not enemy bullets.

When a block comes in contact with Gunbrick's bullet, it will cause a big explosion, and pieces of flaming debris will fly out of it and fall off the screen. Strangely enough, the debris does not touch the platforms or Gunbrick, but instead goes right through them. Gunbrick cannot be hurt by the explosion or the debris.

Gunbrick mobile

Breakable blocks in Gunbrick mobile function the same as in Gunbrick, though they are not as common.

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