Hot This article is about brains created by Nitrome. For brains from other games, please see Brains
Electro Brain
A brain from 1.0 and 1.5
Gender N/A
Faction Good
Health 1 hit (balloon; Hot Air 2)
Level(s) HA2 - Level 27
Status Alive
Game(s) Hot Air 2

Brains are characters from various Nitrome skins and pictures. They first appeared alongside the paint blowers, and since then have made an appearance in some other Nitrome games or media.


Brains are spherical pink creatures that have a spherical body which resembles a brain. They have two feet, and wear a white helmet with a blue stripe that has two blue antennas which appear to be generating electricity through them. Their eyes are either half-shut or fully opened.


The brains have not actually appeared in a game as an actual character that can do something, but only in cameos.

Classic skin

A brain appears selling balloons for Hot Air 2, one of which is a balloon of a brain.

Hot Air 2

The balloon can be unlocked as a balloon once level 27 is complete. This balloon depicts the fleshy head of the electro brain and its helmet, but no electrical cords coming out of the helmet.

Job page

When the Nitrome jobs page on 1.0 was released, it featured the paint blowers and the brains. These pieces of art were carried over to 1.5. For 2.0, the art was redone, redone to make the paint blowers and brains more modern looking.

The brains image has served to be a section for a Flash programmer for each version of, which is why the brains appear as they are. It was the job page the brains first appeared on.


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