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Brain ring
Brain Ring Boss
Attacks Heats up the entire level except for one spot and alternates that spot.
Level 3-12
Health 12 hits to weak point
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile)

The brain ring is the third and last boss of the game Gunbrick mobile, being the boss of Pack 3.


The brain ring consists of a brain inside a glass chamber with water, a big metal block around the chamber and a large red and grey striped ring around the block.

Game information

The Brain ring's main attack is shooting a red laser at the player.The player must stay in the area without the red squares,as all the side with them shoot lasers.The player must shoot all yellow glowing spots to defeat the Brain ring.When all the yellow spots have been destroyed,it will explode,ending the boss fight.


Gunbrick - level 3-Boss (3-12) ending02:25

Gunbrick - level 3-Boss (3-12) ending

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