This article is about brains from Bullethead. For brains from other games, please see Brains.

Brain controlled drills
Brain Controled Drills
Attack Making holes in the ground
Abilities Can make holes in the ground that would make the soldier fall into it and making them stuck for a while
Health Two blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Brain controlled drills are enemies in the game Bullethead.


Brain controlled drills appear as small brains inside of a glass dome, with a dark-coloured spinning drill attached to its bottom. It has one green optic-sensor that wipes across the whole body width of the enemy.

Game information

Brain controlled drills fall from the sky and can be destroyed in two shots. If they reach the ground, they will drill down and make a hole in the ground. The hole can be very dangerous to the soldier since they are moving on the ground and will not recognize the hole. The hole will disappear after about fifteen seconds later, however.

The hole created by the brain controlled drill serves as a temporary hazard to the soldier, causing them to become temporarily immobile and lose health for a few seconds if they fall into the hole. Brain controlled drills are a major threat to the soldier, as they often come in large groups and can turn part of the ground into a hazard.


If there is a hole made by drills as the player completes a level, when player finishes the level, when the next level starts, the animation of a fallen soldier is shown in a hole in the spots where there is a hole.

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