This article is about aliens from Space Hopper. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.


This article is about brains from Space Hopper. For brains from other games, please see Brains.

Brain aliens
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Space Hopper

Brain aliens are the first enemies introduced in the game Space Hopper.


A purple brain is contained in brain aliens' capsule-like heads. Two light spots below them are presumed to be eyes. Sometimes they occupy the same planet, but they are usually not found in groups.

Game information

Being the most basic enemy in Space Hopper, brain aliens yield no special attack on the astronaut. Instead, they are seen on different planets, walking sideways in a continuous direction. Since they cannot leave the planet, the astronaut will be safe from them if he lands on another planet not occupied by these enemies. The effects of different planets do not seem to have an influence on these enemies as well.

Because the astronaut has no special attack that allows him to defeat enemies, his job is to simply avoid them. Due to their slow movement, they are easier to avoid as opposed to other enemies encountered throughout the game.

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