This article is about brains from Small Fry. For brains from other games, please see Brains.

Brain Small Fry
Organization Good
Health One blow
Weapons None
Ability Turns at high edges, turns at water, activates flowers
Game Small Fry

Brain is one of the main characters in the game Small Fry.


Brain is one of the small fries. He is the smartest of all the Small Fries, hence, the name, Brain. His pink exposed brain takes up half his body. The other half of his body is purple, including his legs and lips. His face is white, like all the other fry.

Game information

Brain posses special abilities; unique to him. Brain turns when it meets water and will refuse to go down long drops. Another of his unique abilities is that he can interact with flowers. When he interacts with them, his pink brain rises slightly out of his head, and interacts with the flower.

Other appearances

  • Horror skin - Brain appears on a branch of a tree. Unlike the other characters in the skin, Brain has no physical differences, even though all other characters look different. This is possibly due to the fact that its brain is already exposed.
  • Nitrome Must Die - Brain appears on a type of security screen.
  • Avalanche skin - Brain appears running away from an avalanche.

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