This article is about boxes from Graveyard Shift. For boxes from other games, please see Boxes.

Sword Box
A box containing a sword weapon
Ability Grants weapons (weapon)/Repairs shield (shield repair)
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Boxes are interactive objects in the game Graveyard Shift. They contain weapons, and are placed so the player can obtain that weapons, as it only through boxes weapons can be obtained. Three out of the four variations contain weapons, while the fourth is one that repairs the player's shield.


Boxes appear as a rectangular prism made out of a dark coloured metal, with a handle on top and on front a shield shaped medal that has the icon of what it gives/does.

Game information

Two types of boxes exist in Graveyard Shift, weapon boxes and shield repair boxes. Both types of boxes are activated upon being shot, and are lifted quickly into the air when this is done. They do not block enemies, nor can be interacted with by enemies.

Boxes are very helpful to the player, and are encountered to allow the player to more easily complete levels - sometimes the weapon being necessary for completion of the level, as the grenade is sometimes used to massacre large amounts zombies who would bombard the player with slime balls if the player attempted to take them on with the gun.

The sword is another example of a weapon that should not be skipped, as puppet armours are enemies which are immune to damage from the gun or grenade, and can only be killed with the sword.

Very rarely will a box contain a weapon that is not fit for combat with enemies, an example being a level that takes place outside which has a sword box, but this sword being used to kill usual zombies who can be easily killed with the gun, the sword making it more hard to kill them and the player susceptible to being shot at.

Weapon boxes

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Shield repair boxes

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