This article is about boxes from Cheese Dreams 2. For boxes from other games, please see Boxes.

For breakable blocks from Cheese Dreams: New Moon, see Breakable blocks.
The two variations
Ability Used as a platform
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Boxes are interactive objects in Cheese Dreams: New Moon.


Boxes are square and come in two variation. The first variation is a light grey with yellow and black slanted stripes and a yellow arrow among the stripes placed near the bottom of the box.

The second variation is the same colour with the corners divided into sections with yellow and black slanted lines placed between them. The middle of the box is a darker shade of grey with a brown circle in the middle that has four lines coming out from it.

Game information

Boxes first appear on level 1. Boxes can be moved around by the player gain accesses to higher area and are a affected by tractor beams and gravity.

Electric boxes

Electric boxes are a type of box encountered only on level 4 and 6 of Cheese Dreams New Moon. These boxes will hurt the moon if touched. Otherwise, they function exactly as boxes.

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