Attack Rolling around
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Chisel 2

Bowlerbots enemies in the game Chisel 2.


Bowlerbots are meteor-like enemies, who from their facial expression seem to be angry. Bowlerbots are purple, have big hemispherical light purple eyes, and a mouth, along with craters around their spherical bodies.

Bowlerbots all have the same appearances, not differing at all from each other. They have yellow teeth in their mouth.

Game Information

Bowlerbots are the biggest enemies in Chisel, and one of the more dangerous enemies. They roll around the perimeter of planets, reversing direction if they bump heads with another bowlerbot. Up to two bowlerbots are present on a planet, one level in Chisel 2 involving Chiseler to cut down a planet whilst avoiding this.

No enemies are ever present on the perimeter of a planet if a bowlerbot is also on the perimeter. These spherical terrors will hurt Chiseler on contact, forcing Chiseler to periodically move to keep up with the bowlerbot. Bowlerbots cannot be killed, thus, they have to be avoided.


  • Bowlerbots are named for their bowling ball like movements.
  • The reason why no other enemy can be introduced in a bowlerbot's perimeter is because the enemy in the way of the bowlerbot will be rolled over.
  • Bowlerbots could possibly be just asteroids, but with faces and better graphics.

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