Bouncy cheese
Ability Bounces the moon higher
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Bouncy cheese is an interactive object in the game Cheese Dreams: New Moon. It does not appear in the original game, Cheese Dreams.


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Bouncy cheese looks like a sea of cheddar cheese. It is a darker yellow than molten cheese. When it is bounced on, it creates an effect similar to a ripple effect that would be seen on water.

Game information

Bouncy cheese is able to bounce the moon to the same height that he fell from. This way, if the moon is able to jump off of a high platform and on to bouncy cheese, he will rise up to the same height after hitting bouncy cheese.

Although it is considered an interactive object, sometimes bouncy cheese serves as an obstacle as well. If space mice or other hazards are on the cheese, they will also bounce, creating obstacles for the moon.

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