Bouncy balls are enemies in the game Hot Air 2. They have two variations, small and large. Each of them are yellow and bounce around the level.


Bouncy balls have two variations: a big bouncing ball and a small bouncing ball, both of which have a similar appearance. The small bouncy ball appears a bit smaller in height than Hot Air. The bouncy ball has a smiling mouth, with cheeks on each side of it, and inside the mouth, a single tooth. Above its smile is the creature's pair of eyes, which have eyelashes on each side.

The big bouncy ball has similar features to the small bouncy ball, only increased in size or added content, in addition to being a slightly lighter shade of yellow. The big bouncy ball has a smiling mouth, which also has cheeks on each side, and inside the mouth is two teeth instead of one. Above the mouth are the pair of eyes, smaller than the small yellow ball's eyes.

Game information

Two bouncy balls appear on the bonus level 29: Off the Walls in Hot Air 2. Bouncy balls do not have any attack, nor any exclusive type of movement, but simply bounce around the level. They will bounce repeatedly back and fourth using a set course, eventually changing their course when they come in contact with another ball.