Bouncing spheres
Bouncing One Eyed Organic Spheres
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Bouncing
Health Three blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Bouncing spheres are enemies that appear in the game Bullethead.


Bouncing spheres are bouncy, purple, one eyed spheres. Their eyes are pink and appear to be organic matter.

Game information

Bouncing spheres will bounce around on the ground (some bouncing higher than others) and will rebound after hitting the ground again, leaving a small wet non-harmful puddle of water.

Bouncing spheres are quite dangerous while in groups, and may a bit difficult to kill because of their bouncing. The bouncing makes them difficult to avoid.


  • A similar purple bouncing alien was featured in an episode of Futurama.
  • The "eye" they have, is robotic. This possibly makes the spheres classified as cyborgs.

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