Bouncing green enzymes
Bouncing Green Enzymes
Abilities Rebounding
Health One hit from the proton cannon of Blue
Game(s) Test Subject Green

Test Subject Complete

Bouncing green enzymes are enemies first seen on level four of Test Subject Green. They are the third green enzyme to be introduced as a creation of the scientist, and according to Dr. Nastidious, are easy enzymes to generate.


Without arms or legs, bouncing green enzymes are shaped as a round blob of green enzyme. The lines and bits of trailing enzyme goo seen in the bottom right corner indicate the enzyme's rotation in the clockwise direction.

Like all other green enzymes, it has tiny eyes, which are indicated as tiny black slits located on the player's left on the green bouncing enzyme.

Game information

With no attack, bouncing green enzymes spin continuously in a clockwise direction while moving around within the area Blue is in. When hitting a wall, ceiling or platform, it will rebound and travel off in another direction. The player must be especially careful of bouncing green enzymes, as they are capable of getting into areas where other linear enemies would not be able to reach, thus killing Blue on contact.

As with most enzymes within the Test Subject series, bouncing green enzymes can be killed with a single hit from a bullet of Blue's proton cannon. The enzyme's bouncing properties not only make it more difficult to avoid, but also to hit successfully.


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