This article is about boulders from Swindler. For boulders from other games, please see Boulders.

Boulder (Swindler)
Ability Can be used to put pressure on switches
Game(s) Swindler

Boulders are interactive objects in the Swindler series. They can be picked up and dropped, and are useful for pressing switches.


Boulders appear as a dark red/brown ball of rock. They have many dark cracks running through them, and appear to be quite heavy, as Swindler must heave the boulder up into his arms in order to carry it.

Game information

Rock stuck in goo

A boulder in goo

Boulders can be picked up by Swindler when the player presses the space bar. They can then be dropped when the player again presses the space bar. Boulders can act as weights to hold down switches or to knock enemies away.

These circular rocks will roll around when the player tilts the screen, so the player must be careful not to let the boulder slip away off a switch. Furthermore, boulders can be held down by green slime, which means they cannot roll away on that surface. In fact, this is where boulders are usually found - stuck on a patch of green slime.

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