This article is about boulders from Double Edged. For boulders from other games, please see Boulders.

Double Edged Boulder
Attack Bouncing along the ground
Game(s) Double Edged

Boulders are large rock hazards in Double Edged. They are only encountered in stage 3-4.


Boulders are grey and spherical. Their diameter spans about twice the height of the Spartans.

Game information

Boulders are signaled by an approaching shadow as they descend to the ground. When they hit the ground, they bounce and move in a straight line with smaller bounces along the way, usually towards the Spartans. Boulders are summoned during the Behemoth battle.

If a boulder hits a Spartan, he will fall unconscious and lose his weapon. This also subtracts a portion of his health that is larger than the amount lost from an enemy.

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